Wednesday 26 June 2013

Toughing it out

Reedbed hide. 6.30am to 6.30pm. Greylag Goose. Mallard. [pause] Coot. We should have called for help, but felt compelled to stay all day. A Squacco Heron visited three times, a Night Heron, once. And they hadn't been informed about where to land for their paying guests - not good. Of a five day photography trip, I've spent two of those days in essentially birdless hides all day long, which is mildly annoying. The other days made up for it, and anyhow, you make the most of what there is, and so here is what there was.

Last day tomorrow, going back to the drinking pool hide for more of those lovely reflections. Or at least I hope so. The trip list is up to 90, with a fair proportion captured on film, but relatively few species absolutely smashed. Always a reason to come back. Just not to the Reedbed hide....


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