Wednesday 12 June 2013

Ten things I have learned recently

Ten things I have learned recently.

1) I have more stuff to do than I can possibly get done, and that something will have to give, I'm just not sure what yet.

2) Being intolerant and shouty is almost three times as popular as anything having to do with birding, and four times more popular than my children. Natch.

3) Taking photos is the easy bit, processing them is hard.

4) 16 months of unopened bills and other crap that arrives through the letter box is about two feet high and takes four hours to reduce to about a centimetre.

5) People do not like constructive criticism and would prefer to hear only nice things about the complete and utter dross that they have produced.

6) I am crap at dieting.

7) Roller might have been my 400th bird, not Dusky(ish) Thrush.

8) I should not have sold my 135mm f2 lens.

9) My toe still hurts.

10) Finding things to blog about is next to impossible, but gratuitous photos help.


  1. That photograph alone deserves an "Aw Shucks!".

    You are right Jono, a rant in a post is worth more than anything to do with actually seeing something. In some ways, visitors to a blog want scandal and intrigue, opinion and gossip - they can read all about the latest rarity on 1,001 other blogs.

    I don't think you'll ever really run out of things to blog about. Just look around you...

  2. Having looked at your photo of the pintail Jono, I think you need a new lens,... trying to be constructive.

  3. I hear ya... I should never have sold my 135mm f/2 lens either.