Sunday 2 June 2013

June. Oh dear.

Normally June is the beginning of the dead period. Birders give up on birds (as there aren't any) and start harassing insects instead. I started in May, when my attention was captured by a butterfly for at least half an hour. It was a Green Hairstreak, and it got local birders insect-lovers all excited as it was the first in Wanstead since 500 B.C. They all rushed out and found loads more, so now it's a common Wanstead butterfly and not exciting at all any more. So back to June and the doldrums....

As I mentioned yesterday, I had a very unenthusiastic day in Suffolk and Norfolk. I pressed the shutter of my camera about 80 times (this is an unbelievably small number) and basically lost the will to live. I ended up having two naps in the car, and my day list was around thirty. Today I took zero. This is unheard of, I reckon I must be ill. The day revolved around lego, cricket and tidying up before Mrs L returns from a trip abroad. The first two I can cope with, the third is less satisfying, especially on a sunny day. 'Tis done now, but five days of toil now stretch to the horizon.

What I need is a holiday.

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