Monday 24 June 2013

Rollers and Red-feet - Phoarrrr!!

The less said about yesterday the better, but today was magnificent. Much as I hate hides, I have to say that Sakertours' Red-footed Falcon hide is incredible. At one point I put the camera to one side and enjoyed a female Red-foot at about 6ft range. What a contrast to how you usually see them in the UK! I'd even go so far as to say that they're cute....

30+ degrees in airless box though, and you have to piss in a bottle (and there are two bottles between three...), that's the price you pay. Is it worth it? Only you can can say. For my part, it was easily worth the hardship, even if I did have to hang on for over five hours. I am very sorry that this is unashamedly photographic. It's one of the things that makes me tick. When this place is good, it's really really good! Loads to come once I am back home and have a proper computer and proper internet access. For now, here is a small part of what I am experiencing, minus the extreme discomfort.


  1. The Roller photo is top shelf stuff Jono!

  2. Argh! Roller! Great falcon pic, but...Roller!!

    Just dipped on one here in Germany. Seeing this one is kind of turning the knife in the wound, but as the pic is marvelous, I can stand it. I hope so at least.

  3. Rubbish pics mate if I was you I would just delete the lot and come home now!! Me, jealous, never!