Tuesday 18 June 2013

Finland screws you up

3am in Taiga country
Finland should come with a health warning. I've just been there for about three days and I'm completely trashed. Places that don't have night-time shouldn't be allowed in my opinion, as if you're a birder there is no real reason to stop birding. I left on Friday lunchtime after doing a half day of work which necessitated getting up quite early. The next time I closed my eyes was on Saturday at 3pm. Four hours of sleep and then up again for a further 23 hours of birding. And so it went on until today, and the stats are not pretty. I'm a little bit amazed I'm still alive actually. Back in my younger days I might not have coped, but having lots of children toughens you up. Somehow I came direct from Heathrow this morning off the back of these stats and did a full day in the office, and incredibly I'm still standing and able to bring you this simple message: Finland is great.

Citrine Wagtail. Oulu. Midnight.

A full (in so far as mine ever are) trip report will follow shortly, but in brief, the Owls have been bagged, and many many bonus species put in an appearance. I have done more birding in three days than I would normally do in a week away, anywhere, and probably spent more hours in the field than I would in Wanstead over the course of any month you care to choose. Intense is not the word. Mental is probably closer. But it was brilliant and yet another of these fab trips that will live long in the memory for reasons beyond birds alone. Star bird, for me at least, was this Pygmy Owl. More personality in 15cm than you can shake a stick at. Right, I am going to bed. I deserve it.

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  1. Great blog. I'll definitely visit Wanstead next time I'm in London. It surely screws you up, too.