Sunday 9 June 2013


I've not picked up bins this weekend at all. Not even once. A family wedding yesterday, and a follow-up barbeque lunch today has meant no birds, but we have had a wonderful time. The wedding was sans enfants, so Mrs L and I got to be grownups and stay up late. Today, once my grownup hangover had abated, was a family barbeque with all the children. Football and French cricket in the garden, and lots of lovely water to drink - I feel fine now, but it was touch and go early this morning.

Naturally the camera came too. Not that I'm that enamoured with taking photos of people, but it's always good to broaden what you do, and in my case, lets me dust off various lenses that don't see a lot of use in the normal course of business. Only one of my three children would submit to having their photo taken, and of course it was the youngest one - of the three of them she is the natural show-off, the drama queen, the actress and the live-wire. I really like these ones, can't believe she'll be six soon, where does time go?

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  1. Cute photos! From your description and the pictures, I think she and my spitfire 4-year-old would get along well. Funny how young she looks in the second photo, something about the pose. I actually had to check that it was really the same girl.