Saturday 23 October 2010


Not a lot doing today. Went out today on the Flats to gorge myself on flyover local scarcities. Came back licking my wounds despite a candidate for Yellowhammer that initially sounded really good, a brief "Tsip" as it went over, but I found I could not confidently rule out a funny Reed Bunting. Such is life. Either I need the full bread and cheese, or to see something bright yellow. A brief "Tsip", whilst encouraging, is ultimately a bit frustrating. On balance, I prefer Shetland.

I've spent the rest of the day so far at home with the kids, who have put on a play for me. Something about trolls and a bear. Nod and smile, nod and smile. It's been a while since you were treated to photos of the kids, it's just been birds birds birds, yawn, so time for a bit of a change. My prerogative. Normal service will be resumed tomorrow.


  1. Anyone can find a hundred new things on the web on a daily basis and one of mine today was to find your blog Jonathan, via Alan Tilmouths I should add. I'll be taking a look in again soon. Meanwhile, nice portraits of the 'kids' in this post, but don't leave the birds out of your life too long as I find depression soon sets in.

    Pete (Birds2blog) Woodruff.

  2. Lovely kids as always. The middle picc in particular is spectacular. Sorry about the indefinite Yellowhammer!