Sunday 11 January 2009


Beautiful sunrise over Wanstead Flats this morning. Padded out and got some of it, though the full impact had passed a few minutes earlier. It was also remarkably mild. The cold had just dissipated overnight - it almost felt like spring. Bet that bloke I saw on the tube trying to haul a De Longhi heater home in the Friday rushhour is pretty pissed off.

Today was a much better day than yesterday. By 9.30am I was watching the Great Grey Shrike as it sat serenely about a mile and a half away, and I was able to get to Rainham for 10.30 in order to dip the Pendulines again. Home for lunch with the Mother in Law, which in fact went off very nicely. The wine was superb. Luckily I held back, as just prior to the lemon mousse I happened to glance at the pager to see if any Penduline Tits were showing well.... Mrs L and Hitler Woman were kind enough to let me scoot off, and despite a somewhat tense drive taking 90 minutes rather than the usual 20 due to a series of accidents, I finally connected with these superb little birds. Took me while to actually get on them, but once I realised you just had to see where reed-fluff was being dispensed from, good views (and crappy photos) were obtained.

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