Wednesday 9 September 2020

Sparrowhawk sequence

 Another day, another early morning Siskinless vigil on the balcony. Three finches came through in the half-light, silently of course, and I thought I had clinched them when I was able to discern wide triangular panels on the tail, only to then remember that Greenfinch exhibits these too. More unknown Finches.... It was not all bad though, my first autumn Meadow Pipits for instance, a lockdown tick in the form of a bright yellow Willow Warbler, and a cracking Sparrowhawk low through the garden. On that occasion I missed it, but a little later it, or another, came through at a much better height and pursued by an unhappy Crow. I had unfortunately left the ISO on 2500 for the dawn, but they still came out OK after a bit of noise reduction and so on (I have found an alternative to MS Paint!). So better than record shots but not as good as I would like. But for what they show of a Sprawk I couldn't be more pleased - look at the length of the tail in the first shot for example, it is almost half the length of the bird! And look at the size difference between it and the Crow - this is not perspective, they were on top of each other.

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