Friday 17 April 2020

The Moon

I took advantage of cloudless and less polluted skies a week or so ago to photograph the moon from one of the many turrets here at Chateau L. I gradually increased the magnification seeing if the quality would hold up, and was amazed that my 800mm lens with a 2x converter was able to remain on the whole pretty sharp. A few wobbles, and at that size in the viewfinder I actually needed to track the moon - I could actually see it moving from left to right, drifting out of view! Pretty pleasing really, except for an enquiry the following morning from Mrs L about some unknown and highly annoying overnight noise. Obviously I had no idea.


  1. Presumably the noise was a migrating wader of some kind? Most probably one of the numenids...

    1. Almost certainly, it turns out they're common as muck around here - another one last night and then I had a visual fly-over on Sunday!