Wednesday 15 April 2020


I see Sparrowhark every day, I would say that there are at least two pairs very local to me. Almost every sighting is of a bird over woods, so some distance away, and at the moment there is a lot of displaying, sometimes involving both birds. One day I had three together. Sometimes they come over the garden, high up, circling, but only very rarely do they come through the garden. On Sunday morning a cacophony of alarm calls alerted me to a hunt in progress. Sure enough a small brown bird zoomed almost at ground height between my house and my neighbours and down my garden, scattering birds as it progressed across the fencelines. An explosion of Woodpigeons from a tree a few doors down signalled where the bird had stopped, and I soon picked it up perched behind branches.  I went to get my camera, the tree in question is not so far away, and there was a chance that I might manage a photo as it departed again. I readied myself, finger on the trigger....

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