Thursday 23 April 2020

Nogmic nights

My initial enthusiasm is beginning to wane, there has been barely a bird to analyse over the last few days. Meanwhile fellow nocmiggers are recording Water Rail, Stone Curlew, Oystercatcher, Spotted Crake.....

Here is a summary from Wanstead from the last few nights. I have not even bothered to load these up as sound files they are so boring. Can you imagine scrolling through 21 hours of this in 24 second chunks? That's over 3000 screens, over 3000 clicks. On the plus side I have not bothered staying awake any of these nights so in that sense I have got away lightly. They are, in order - a nearby emergency services vehicle siren, a local amorous fox, and the police helicopter.


I suppose I have not done badly with the Whimbrels etc, but three nights of London background rumble punctuated by the kind of garbage shown above is getting rather tiresome. I think I'll go back to staring at the sky. At least that is a nice soothing blue.


  1. Maybe someone could devise the appropriate software to filter out all but items of interest.

    It could be done. Start with a data base of all possibilities. Take the interminably long recording. Upload it, and let the program screen out and collate nothing but birds.

    The program could even be tweaked to screen out all common birds, or one's that have already be recorded.

    The final result would be a short burst of megas, all identified.

    1. That is a great idea. I wonder if the same could be done for seawatches?