Tuesday 25 April 2017

Common Sandpiper the Redeemer

Predictably all of the decent birds had disappeared by the time I returned to the patch this morning after a weekend away. Such is the price you pay for taking point-blank range photos of Whinchats and feldegg Wagtails in Greece. If I was truly a proper patch-worker I would never leave for fear of missing something. As it is.....

Anyway, had a great time, and thought I'd check the Alex early doors as I understood it had been pretty good over the weekend for patch gold waders, most recently a Common Sandpiper. Obviously there was nothing on it all. After sorting out a response to a fire in one of the copses, and being forced to relive all the weekend's birds by Bob (Tree Pipit, Nightingale, Hobby, Woodlark and the rest), I then pootled off to the local sorting office to pick up a parcel I'd missed. It isn't just birds. Then a message from Bob that he was looking at the Common Sandpiper on Alex. Little git. The Sandpiper, not Bob.

How it eluded me I don't know, as I had walked around the entire perimeter looking for it. Nothing I could do, work beckoned. Work was crap, I mean really crap. On my way home I discovered people were twitching the Sandpiper. It was still there! Maybe something could be salvaged from the day after all. I quickened my pace, picked up my camera on the way past, and was at Alex quicker than you can say "I drove". A short while later I was positioned in a bush waiting for the bird to walk past, which it duly did, albeit in the shade. It seems that my suit is perfect wader camouflage, whereas I thought it was for looking professional in an office. Who knew?


  1. ... and another lot of my pictures are destined for the bin!

  2. I've only seen one on patch all year!!

  3. Sometimes my childish enthusiam overtakes my sensitivity, but there is no need to retaliate with such fine pictures.

  4. Patience Steve, plenty of Wheatear coming up in the monthly round-up