Saturday 18 March 2017

Nearly about Morocco

I am galivanting again, or I will be by the time you read this. This is the magic of being able to schedule blog posts to appear at any time you want. Earlier this year I could barely contain myself and wrote about six posts in a four hour period. I think I burnt out as I then wasn’t able to write anything for days, but it didn’t matter as every day at 6.30pm on the dot a new post would appear for the pleasure of the blog-reading public. Literally tens of people read them; I was delighted. Writers block solved. Except then that my output halved in February as once the daily auto-posts ran out I remained stuck.

To be fair I that was a busy month even by my standards, which saw me working up in my Glasgow office, a couple of stints in Fife looking after my dad, and then a week in Asia. None of these periods turned out be particularly conducive to writing for some reason, and right in the middle of it I had to do the LBR my US tax return. There is only one of me and as such it all dried up.

It has taken a while to return to the keyboard, a couple of well-read hem hem posts about my travels, and then some hints of spring. Then came a couple of birds, a gull and a duck, the full-on Wheatear experience and then the annual sock battle, and so here we are at 35,000 feet again. I’ve just watched (and very much enjoyed) La La Land over a couple of beers, and with nothing else particularly taking my fancy I turned to exploring some ideas I had written down on one of the many scraps of paper that rule my every waking hour.

This post is about Morocco. No really. Well it was going to have been about Morocco, and specifically about the lovely birds there and how I miss them, but uncharacteristically I have strayed off-message. I know, I can’t believe it either, but there you have it. Four paragraphs in and the original intent is looking less and less likely I feel, so perhaps park that one for another day eh? In a nutshell I want to go back, but instead I am on my way to Florida, which is about as different from Morocco as you can get. It is still travel so, er, don’t feel bad for me OK? I booked this in a fit of enthusiasm at some point last year and it has come round very quickly. A day in the Everglades is planned as the first stop, so I’m off to visit the famed Anhinga Trail near Homestead, mainly due to what I hope are a multitude of very tame birds there. I like tame birds. These birds are tame because there are so many people. The ones in Morocco were tame because they didn’t really see people. Opposite cause, same effect, but I like it just the same. I’m also hoping to see Snail Kite and Swallow-tailed Kite. In Florida, not Morocco. This is so confused now, I think I might have to stop.

In summary: I am on a plane to Florida to take photos of birds whilst thinking about different birds in Morocco. 

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