Thursday 30 March 2017

Haleakala Sunset

A breathtaking experience that no photos can possibly do justice I'm afraid, but anyone going to Maui should make time for either this or for sunrise. Sunrise takes more planning, and you have to book ahead, hence why I chose the sunset. Are they the same? Undoubtedly not, but then no two sunsets are the same either. Just go, you will enjoy either one, and that's guaranteed.

To get there take the 377 then the 378. The summit is at 10,000 feet, you drive up a wonderful series of switchbacks to get there, passing through the clouds in the way. Where the trees thin out and the slopes become grassy you will probably hear Skylarks singing - a well out of place import. I also saw a Pheasant! It's probably about a 45 minute drive from where the road up starts, and once above the cloud layer the views are simply incredible. Given the height, there is probably no such thing as not a clear day so you will almost certainly get a decent view. Make sure you plan ahead for sunset as it is unrestricted and it gets busy - you will probably be driving up in a convoy so leave time as parking is tight and it becomes a bit fraught with people abandoning vehicles as the sun starts to disappear. Bring warm clothes, you will need them. And bring your soul.


  1. Woah - absolutely loving these Jono... and would it be you who generously contributed to our COTF total?

    1. cheers Mark, on well done on the amount you raised! My donation was but a fraction, impressive stuff!

    2. Thank you so much mate, hugely appreciated!

  2. It looks simply wonderful