Friday 19 July 2013

There is life

I know that I have been very quiet lately, I figured you all deserved a rest. I am still alive, but in truth I can't remember the last time I raised my binoculars, nor picked up a camera. So with nothing to say, I have said nothing. Hopefully that will change this weekend, but nonetheless I have some recent news. My life has mostly revolved around work, and the week has been very tough, which makes my birding luck even more amazing. For during a rare foray into the fresh air a couple of Crossbills flew over my head as I walked down my road, i.e. well within patch. Naturally I doubted myself, but gradually it emerged that there have been small numbers in London, and Stu had some as close as Snaresbrook on the same day, so I wasn't just dreaming it.

This takes my patch total to 105 for the year, pretty good all things considered - I didn't even get on the patch during June, and I've spent all of 30 minutes out there in July. Partly this is a desire to spend time at home, partly the fact that I've been so busy, but mainly that it has been so incredibly hot I've not wanted to be out. Indoors, in the dark, has been much more pleasant. Indoors is also where the wine is.

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