Saturday 6 July 2013

From Rockers to Rollers

Still in awe of Springsteen's ability to put on a show, and not only that, a show that lasts for three hours with barely a break. But the concert provides a welcome play on words at least to get blogging about another great bird that I had the opportunity to observe and photograph in Hungary. Roller.

Interestingly* Roller was my last UK tick. It may yet be my last UK tick ever; not wanting to be over dramatic about it, but the recent run of absurd birds has in a strange way completely snuffed out my desire to go and see any of them. The Roller in Hampshire was, for most of the time, a fuzzy blob. Tick and run for sure, but really? Roller in Hungary was a completely different animal - awesome. Such wonderful birds, brimming with personality. I think it's the eyes. Or the beak. Or the turquoise. Actually, I don't know, but whatever it is they're stunning and I love them. And up close they're even better, and bigger than you might think as well. If they lived in the UK they would of course be very boring, but abroad, no problem.

PS The Roller with the beard is Zac Brown. Kind of like Brian Blessed, but with a guitar.


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