Sunday 7 July 2013

Can't get quite as much satisfaction

This blogging lark is easy. Take a few photos of bird, stick 'em up. Go to a gig and write about it, stick that up too. Alternate until you get fed up. So.....

Recognise these boys?
My latest soiree was at Hyde Park, courtesy of a free (yes, free) ticket from my mate's fiancée. The band? Just the bloody Rolling Stones!! Almost 70 to a man, but they still have it. Amazing that riffs penned half a century ago still sound good today, and that a new generation like them just as much as the older ones did. To be fair they're not in their pomp, but if I can still run around like a nutter when I'm 70 I'll be very pleased. All the hits you would expect, and a great finish with "Satisfaction". Not as good as Springsteen live, but then they're different - definitely not the same level of crowd interaction. And also I was a lot further away having arrived a great deal later, so perhaps that made a difference too? Still, a great way to spend an evening, and a free ticket to the Stones is not to be sniffed at. Would I go see them again? Depends where Bruce was playing!

This guy looks familiar? Bryan Adams?
After yet another late night I am pretty knackered, and so failed miserably to get up and see the adult Bonaparte's Gull at Crossness, presumably a returning bird from last year. It was always on the cards. I'm off there now, so will see if I can get anything. Hopefully the roads will be quiet as everyone in the country now lists tennis as their favourite sport, and Andy Murray is actually English, this whole Scottish thing is a complete myth.

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