Monday 1 July 2013

Rocking it up at the Olympic Park, or Another Rock Star Encounter

I spent yesterday afternoon at the Olympic Park in Stratford. The Zac Brown Band, Alabama Shakes and The Black Crowes were essentially all warm-up acts for one man. The Boss. Bruce Springsteen. Or more precisely, Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band. His music is the soundtrack to my entire time on this planet, and I've been a fan for nearly twenty years. I'm not sure what happened this year, but I finally realised I could go to concerts, including to see Springsteen. Within the three hour set were more legendary songs than you can shake a stick at, including the whole of the "Born in the USA" album, in order. Complete groupie that I am, I managed to get very close to the front of the massive crowd. Oh, and I smuggled a smallish camera in.....


  1. Still very recognisable considering he is 63! I wonder if he's had any facial 'reconstruction'? I am still playing my Born to Run, love the horns and the lilting piano.....

    Nice header btw.

    Laurie -

  2. Was it the same without 'The Big Man' in the lineup?

  3. I have no idea, never been to a Bruce gig before. His nephew Jake Clemons was on Sax and was great.

    1. I haven't seen him for 20 years but I hear Jake is excellent. Hearing the whole of Born to Run must have been amazing! Brilliant photos BTW.

  4. It can never be the same without the original line up and the Big Man is not replaced by his nephew -he is good in his way but not the BIG Man!

    However as a Boss fan for many many years and having seen him in concert for many times(I even went to New Jersey one year for back to back concerts!) and to Dublin last year -last w/e he was tops! He is 64 and still playing gigs of 3 hours which our flimsy uk bands of the present couldn't do if they tried!

    Great photos...just love them caught the essence of the man!