Monday 5 March 2012

Some interesting* photos taken whilst wandering around

Frankly this post has a strong whiff of filler about it, but I find that I keep taking photos of various things whilst out and about, and my wife isn't interested. That is the acid test really as to whether something is suitable for the blog. Mrs L instantly bored? Perfect. So, all of these have been taken of late, and all on my phone, which explains the naff quality. Note that the Mallard required exposure compensation - even on a phone I still fart about attempting to get good tonality.....

This has appeared outside my office, and is one of several interpretations of Great Bustard eggs currently to be found littered around Canary Wharf, and, as I understand it, most of London. The freebie paper reports that some have already been stolen - presumably they don't burn easily. This one is the Golden Cosmic Egg. Whoopee.

This is what is currently left of Alexandra Lake on Wanstead Flats. There is no way to fill it up other than rainfall, so if you don't believe that there is a drought on in the south-east, here is the proof that it might just be true. Three years ago the rushes were in water, and the concrete thing at the bottom wasn't visible. In order to speed up the total extinction of Alexandra Lake as a functioning water body, I'd like as many local residents as possible to chuck waste food into it as often as possible. Beer cans, takeaway wrappers and plastic bags are all also good, but nothing beats mouldy bread that the birds refuse to eat and so just sinks into the water and decomposes. Thanks.

Found this in the broomfields last week. None of the local birders has yet been reported as missing, but strongly suspect dog attack.

From Stratford Tube station. Whether intended or not, I found the placement of "woman" extremely amusing

Canary Wharf MEGA.

Canary Wharf LRP breeding habitat. I assume that's why all the gravel is there? Talking of which, I am almost certain, but not quite enough, that an LRP flew somewhere near me at lunchtime today. I heard three "peeps", for want of a better expression, but was unable to pick out anything flying. It's still early, but not unfeasibly so. Close, but no cigar, as they say.

And finally, a Mallard. Common enough at Canary Wharf, but not generally found in ornamental water features, though in this very feature I once saw a Grey Wagtail. The photograph is notable for three reasons. One - I cared enough to shift the exposure upwards in challenging light. Two - despite this it is still crap. And three - I did not notice (at all) the female Mallard at the back until I took this photo off my phone and onto the computer.
* not


  1. If I were Gaudi, I'd be suing over that egg. If I weren't dead that is. I've taught children that have been less blatant when 'borrowing' his style / 'paying homage'. Or maybe that's what happens when a banker visits the toilet these days? Can't be too fussed about folks collecting those eggs though!

    Nice ducks.

    No Wheatear yet? Sand Martin?

  2. Nothing, it's winter again - four Wigeon this morning.