Sunday 4 March 2012

Insurance Job

Plastic Fantastic, or Yankee Doodle Doo? I have no idea, but I had nothing better to do on Saturday afternoon once my hangover had abated. My gut reaction would be that it's as dodgy as they come, but amazingly if it doesn't do anything stupid and disappears in the next few weeks, concensus is that it will be accepted onto the British List, and will thus prove that all listing is utterly ridiculous. And I will thus tick it. Shamelessly. On the other hand it could still be on the same Kentish gravel pit in six months time. Why do we do it?

Hooded Merganser, Kent. 6th for Britain (283rd for Holland)


  1. Excuse me is this not the Connaught Water bird?

  2. Jono, you are more twitchy than Harry Redknapp -and that's saying something! Saying that I was gonna go take a look on Sun but just couldn't be 4rsed. Might go on Sat if it's still there.