Saturday 24 March 2012

Happiness is a Dendrocopos called minor

A couple of weeks ago during an admittedly quiet morning, having just had some great views of a Lesser Spot, I spent some time making up advertising slogans that would appeal to Woodpeckers. As I thought of them, so I put them on Twitter, which is the best place for inane rubbish that I know. It all started with "Love Woodpeckers, Love Wanstead" as I walked across the Flats. "To Drum, to serve" was swiftly followed by "Just peck it!", and it all spiralled out of control from there. It continued on my bus, with "Vorsprung durch Pechnik" when I saw an Audi, and then you got involved too. In case you don't use Twitter (@wansteadbirder if you feel you don't have enough stupid witterings in your life), here are some of them.

Probably the best pecker in the world (@Mikeebateman)

Keep calm and peck on (@AdrianLuscombe)

Peck! And the dirt is gone! (@fst0pped)

Snap, crackle and drum (@Brownstonecow - also the title)

A pecker a day helps you work, rest and play (@dbradnum, @Idoruknits, @alantilmouth)

A beak is for life, not just for Christmas (@jonnybirder)

Veni, vidi, pecci. I came, I saw, I pecked (@Dorsetdipper)

The future's bright. The future's black and white with a bit of red (@Wansteadbirder)