Wednesday 7 March 2012


Today can be summed up in one word. Rain. But you're not getting away that lightly, especially as tomorrow I might find a Wheatear. There was one at Portland today, and it might be in Wanstead tomorrow. LIke it, I know all the best places, and you can bet your bottom dollar that I'll be out there looking. Unless it's raining. Or is a bit cold. Or windy. If I do make it out, I'm keen to see if two days of almost solid rain have had any impact on Alexandra Lake. Since I last moaned about it, on here or on Twitter, I have discovered that there is no way to fill it up other than rainfall. There is no standpipe, no river running into it, no run-off from distant mountain ranges. It's going to have to rain a lot. Which, frankly, it has. It felt like Gwent at times today.

Yesterday it also rained, though perhaps not as much. A brief break in the weather coincided with my passing of the Basin on the way back from school. I was fairly surprised to find four Wigeon on there - these take me into double figures this year. It's the little things. Unfortunately they were only really interested in chasing each other around, and so departed to who knows where before Steve could get over there - it's a bird he still needs for the patch. At this rate he'll get one soon though, perhaps several.

So, in the absence of any exciting bird news, where exciting = Wheatear, I'll wrap up with the moon which was pretty impressive this evening. It was right above the Flats, so hopefully small passerines from distant lands will be using it to navigate by.

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