Thursday 5 May 2011

Would you drive to Devon for one of these?

Don't be stupid, of course not! Devon? Insanity! American Robins are the commonest visible passerine in New York by far, the numbers in Central Park must number in the trillions. Every lawn, every patch of scrub, every tree - you get the picture. And now you get the pictures, though I am being extremely restrained....

They have a slightly irritating habit of running away when they see a camera pointing at them, but occasionally they become distracted, which is when I grabbed these.


  1. Yes, if you or your readers would like to be in the proximity of American Robins more often, I will ship you a few dozen, perhaps in trade for some of your adorable British ones... invasive species concerns, international laws and shipping regulations be damned!

  2. I would but I don't have to as I live there :)