Thursday 17 February 2011

Shopping in Pitsea

So, I was going to Pitsea, like, to do some shopping, yeah?

That's my story and I'm sticking to it. I definitely didn't bundle Pudding into the car at about 11:10am, and cane it to Rainham. Once there, neither did I run to the Serin Mound, and breathlessly ask to look down someone's (anyone's!) scope. As long as that's clear.....

I did actually have to go shopping in Pitsea, there to buy a fleecy neck gaiter thing, which can work as a scarf, a hat, a balaclava, a pirate costume and who knows what else, for my upcoming trip to Lithuania where it is going to be baltic. Rainham was on the way, and so fitted neatly into my plans. The bird itself was always distant on Wennington Marsh, but very obvious once you got your eye in - I confess it has been some time since I squinted down a scope at gulls. It was too far to glean any finer details, but on size, mantle colour, head markings and so on, plus a whacking great trailing edge to the wing when it flew, it was clear that it was "the boy". In truth I can't get too excited about it, but it is clearly creating quite a stir judging by the number of panicked-looking people in anoraks sprinting down the sea wall. Hey ho. And by the way, it doesn't count as twitching 'cos Rainham is my second patch, OK?

Here, have a gull. They're all the same really.


  1. "fleecy neck gaiter thing". Come on, it's a snood isn't it. I'm not sure what you should be more ashamed of, the 'accidental' twitchering or the purchasing of snood! :)

  2. "They`re all the same really" and buying a snood...sacre bleu! As one of the sprinting anoraks yesterday, well more of a fast walking parka, could I ask you to look at more Gulls please at this excellent site and refind the Thayer`s.I did look for it yesterday but people kept on asking me could they look through my `scope! keep up the good work.