Wednesday 5 January 2011

Writer's Block?

This afternoon I started two Birdwatch articles. I got to about 300 words on each and then abandoned them. They were OK, but fundamentally I had nothing to say, which after 300 words became problematic. I am aware that having nothing to say is not normally prohibitive to me saying something, but this is for a paying audience, and I feel bound to produce something good. Here, you take what you're given.

Regular readers will know that I am unaccustomed to having difficulty spouting forth, so this is very unusual. What could be the matter? Admittedly, various things mean that my mind is elsewhere, and I won't trouble you with that, but normally I can find something to write about under any circumstances. Look, here I am writing about having trouble writing. See?

I wondered if I had too many projects on the go? There is this blog, my first love, but then there is the Crow Council thing I am involved in, and more recently I started a new Wanstead Birding blog. All of these take time, and at least a bit of effort. So far I have been proud of most things I have written, including all of my Birdwatch articles, and I want that to continue. I won't attempt to deceive you by saying that each one is a masterpiece that took days, nay weeks, to produce, but at the same time, a little care is necessary. The initial draft is usually bashed out pretty quickly - most of it is in my head anyway - but the editing process is what takes up the time. Finding the best way to say things, making sure it flows, making sure I don't repeat words close to each other, that kind of stuff. Reading and rereading it until I am convinced that it sounds right, and that it works. Perhaps that is what editors are for, and I should send it through as is? "I red a articel about bird sthe othther day an dthort I wood rite somthing very similar for you. Hear it is. Please send the chek to the ushul adress, ta."

The first 300 words of each of my attempts this afternoon flowed fairly nicely, and one of them may yet have what it takes to become March's column, but for now I'm leaving them to one side and wondering what to write about. I have many ideas, many topics, enough to last for YEARS, but I am having trouble crystalising my thoughts on any of them today. Perhaps sleeping on it listening to TMS all night and starting again in the morning will have the desired result? If any of you subscribe, make sure you don't miss the March issue, it is sure to be totally awesome.

In other news I managed a patch year tick today. It was remarkably straightforward. Make tea, stand on terrace for 30 seconds, hear Coal Tit, go indoors, update spreadsheet, finish tea. Bosh.

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  1. Not surprised you didnt have time to write your articles, what with being so busy applying to the job advert I send you yesterday.

    You can buy me a beer with your first paycheck.