Friday 21 January 2011

The Turaco Lives!

Sitting drinking tea this morning, with the kids munching on cereal in unison around the table, my eyes were attracted to movement off to the right, and a familiar shape landed in next door’s tree. The brief flash of red was all I needed – the Turaco was back. I have not seen or heard it for months, perhaps August or September, and had assumed it had gone to the big fruit tree in the sky. Certainly when there no sign after the latest big freeze, that had to be it, surely? But no, it lives!!

I have no idea where it has been, or why I have not seen it. Perhaps someone captured it, and it has only just managed to escape again? Perhaps it has been staying close to the keeper’s cottage in Bush Wood for a steady supply of grapes? Who knows, but it landed in next door’s tree this morning at about 8 O’clock, flew through our garden, landed in another tree and then disappeared again.

I managed a blurry photo through the window just as it landed for the final time. When I it showed Pie, who had missed it flying through due to attaching more importance to Weetabix, she pointed out that it was rubbish and really blurry. I take pride in still being able to take terrible photos, despite all the time I spend behind a lens, so here it is in all its glory. Rubbish perhaps – well, definitely in fact – but irrefutable proof that the Turaco lives, and this makes me happy.

Certain birds just cause happiness, fact. Kingfishers fall firmly into this category. All you need is that flash of aquamarine and all of sudden your mood is lifted. You can’t help but be impressed and gladdened by that jewel-like dart as it rockets past. Blue and/or red birds also cause happiness, but unfortunately we don’t get many of those here. Jays do it, not sure why when Magpies don’t, and yet inexplicably Pied Flycatchers also do it. And finally, and the astute amongst you will realise where I am going with this, Waxwings do it too. And as luck would have it, I just happen to have seen some recently…..

PS. I noticed on my grandparent's computer that on this blog many photos had their right hand edges cut off. I have a widescreen monitor and therefore get the whole thing. Then a couple of other people mentioned it too, so in response I have made the photos smaller (600px, from 800px previously) as they display within the text. Hopefully you will see the whole thing now, though if not, let me know. You can still click on any photo to get it bigger, though I wouldn't bother with the Turaco.


  1. Thats funny about yer photos being cut off! I just assumed it was the way you cropped the photos! That you deliberately chose to cut off a third of some birds! The funny thing is, it actually works pretty well! Makes the shot a bit different (probly cos half the birds missing!) - maybe you should have a go at doing it deliberatly and see what you think?
    keep up the good work!

  2. I saw this at the weekend in Bush Wood and wondered what on earth it was. So seems like it lives on.