Saturday 15 January 2011

American Teaser

Got back this morning after a seamless trip, the only annoyance being a screaming baby two seats back on the overnight flight. And it was a real annoyance. Funnily enough it stopped when the stewardess picked it up, but started again once handed back. Wish she would have kept it, perhaps popped it one of the trolleys and wheeled it somewhere a long way from me, like First Class, or even better, the cockpit. Sadly not. I am thus shattered, but manfully staying awake in order to have a proper sleep tonight and hopefully beat the jetlag.

Not having seen the family for a week, I didn't bother going to Rainham today. I'm rather glad I didn't, as despite claims the bird was there I doubt I would have seen it or indeed been overly thrilled with it. Gulls = boring. And anyway, I only like birds that are blue or red now. Or both.


  1. Lovely bluebird, seems like a pretty good find for this time of year! And welcome back.