Thursday 27 January 2011


Imagine if one of these turned up in your garden. Apart from a cartwheel, what would you do? Have a good old think and I'll be back later with the answer. Ta-ra.


  1. Either:

    a) think "Hmm, bit dull", and go back to watching Cardinals and other better looking common birds,


    b) [If not in Ohio] seed up the area of public access parkland just outside my garden, and report the news.

    Guess that's not what you had in mind, though?

  2. I'd probably mistake it for a Reed Bunting or something on my initial sweep, do a massive double take, then it would have flown off and I'd be miserable for the rest of the year.

  3. Is that one of them Song Sparras? Dont get them up here. 50 House Spuggies but never heard one sing...I might do a Pavarotti though if one turned up.

  4. Not tell a soul, obviously. Suppression is the new black.