Wednesday 6 December 2023

Frigid. No birds.

All local birders look forward to cold snaps because cold snaps deliver unusual birds. Imagine for a moment that I was really really desperate to see a Lapwing or a Snipe for my Wanstead year list. Well were that the case I would have been out every morning freezing my butt off whilst gazing hopefully at the sky.

In unrelated news I've been out birding a lot recently and it has been rather cold. I read somewhere that sometimes cold snaps deliver good birds, but that must happen elsewhere as Wanstead has been completely dead. There was a flock of Redpoll early one morning but other than that nothing at all. Nothing moved. I'd go as far as to say that even the regular birds seemed to go to ground. Snipe or Lapwing? Huh, what? Here? No, of course not, we don't get those.

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