Thursday 21 December 2023

A waning

Earlier this year I wondered if I stood a chance at getting to 100 posts. This was in August, it felt as if the year was already drawing to a close, and with just 40 posts at that point I could easily have come under the low count of last year. This bugs me. I hate it when I can't write but I know from experience that there is nothing I can do about it and so I dont fight it. I continued to dribble out the odd post until about October, which ended somewhere in the 50s. Then along came November, and with it a renewed enthusiasm for creativity. Creativity born out of procrastination it has to be said, with none of my trips from May onwards written up. Fully aware that they fall on largely deaf ears I got cracking, I am nothing if not stubborn. I've now finished up until the end of August and still have a couple to go from September and October. Will I see it through?

Well unfortunately I sense a waning. Can I really be bothered? On one of them I wasn't able to take my camera, so what should be a richly-illustrated few days has almost nothing. This was due to an air traffic control meltdown; I decided to play it safe and rather than return from Switzerland to London and risk getting stuck there, I changed my plans and went straight to Madrid. My pre-packed camera bag that I hadn't wanted in the Alps thus remained in London which was a real shame. The other major trip was not really a birding trip, but there are lots of photos of other things and may merit one of those single but image-heavy posts that I do from time to time.

The other thing holding me back, or starting to at least, is that this is my 99th post of 2023 and the 100th is already written. That nagging feeling of output inadequacy is ebbing away, and with it the feeling I should really get my arse in gear. I did that in November in December, that was the heavy lift, and now I am subconsciously gearing up for a rest.....

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