Sunday 13 May 2018

Costa Rica - Trip List

The trip list was an impressive 412. Of these, 16 were heard only (which I don't count), leaving 396 seen - and most of the time seen well. I had 297 lifers - the other 100 or so birds I'd seen in the US or on one of my earlier Caribbean trips, and of course Waders and various other birds are sometimes pretty global. This is my list. Bob saw a couple I did not and vice versa - I think our combined total was 414.

I've spent a lot of time compiling this so hopefully it makes sense. I think the total is more akin to a two week trip, but then again there were only two of us and our guide, so birds were added to the list quickly without having to hang around until a whole minibus full of people had all got on it. This undoubtedly helped, but really the difference was Leo. He was unbelievably sharp, and this list is testament to his knowledge and skill. 

I would love to go back - we missed out different habitats up near the Nicaraguan border, and also down south nearer Panama. Remember that this trip was only 6 full days, as well as a few hours after we landed and then a morning in which we had to get back to San José by lunchtime for our return flight. Had we had even ten days we may have been able to squeeze these in - the list might have been closer to 600! 

Trip List -412


  1. Well, it's [nearly] all Greek to me, but the effort you've clearly put into that spreadsheet, plus the fact that you've published it (and the previous reports) as a potential resource for other birders visiting Costa Rica, in my opinion deserves at least some sort of thumbs-up type comment. So here's one.

    1. Thanks Gav. I spent longer writing the report and list than I spent in Costa Rica. But before I go anywhere I avail myself of the selflessly penned reports from other birders, so this is perpetuating that tradition.

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    1. Thanks for confirming which bear we're talking about

  3. Good grief! I thought I liked making lists but I bow before your omnipotence! May "middle age" never claim you!