Sunday 6 December 2015

Florida II - a taster

This is a little while ago now but as ever things have been rather hectic, and whilst I have managed to process the photos I decided to keep, I have not really yet engaged in the all-out blanket coverage that you would normally expect. There are reasons for this not related to lack of time, namely a desire to return to a slightly more care-free version of writing, but I've now run out of that so finally we can get down to business.

It was a flying visit (how else does one get there?) but in keeping with my very brief trip in February was equally productive. I would not live in Florida if you paid me, but for a weekend away it is excellent value on the bird front. There are lots of them, and they range from fairly tame to completely ridiculously tame. Because of this I made no attempt to do any actual birding on this visit, and spent the entire time lying on the ground with my camera. Here is a very small selection of the result, you can find more here


American Oystercatcher


Brown Pelihonk

Some fabulous Black Skimmers

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