Thursday 27 February 2014

The power of Sociagull media

I've been working in Glasgow. Not twitching round Scotland, as some of you may think. Anyhow, being holed up in my plush hotel gets a little dull, so what better to liven things up than a quick look at some Gull feather tracts. Mmmmm. Whilst in Morocco, Mick had showed me some topography photos that he had recently marked up and put on the web. You can see the originals here, but it was the work of moments to do this to the first one:

Oh how I sniggered....It is a long-running joke between us that our views on Gulls are entirely opposed. I view them as scabby old shitebirds, he worships the ground they loaf on. So, utterly stealing his fine work, scribbling on it, and then whacking it up on twitter was clearly the only thing to do.

As of right now, it has been retweeted to an astonishing 44 thousand people, and that number is increasing all the time. Social media, whatever you might think about it, can be rather impressive sometimes. It proves what I have always known though, which is that it is not just me that is anti-Larid. It's a perfectly normal stance. Lesser scapulars mirrors? No thanks, it's a Seagull. There are of course different species of Seagull, but that's when it starts getting a bit complex. To further your ID knowledge, the above is a Big Seagull.


  1. Copyright theft and de-facing a stolen image carries the maximum penalty of £ 1,000,000,000,000
    Or plead guilty, own up to Loving gulls thats why you keep looking at my Blog !! and the penalty fine is dropped ...

  2. Mick, he is of course correct but I don't think you should let him off that easily. A full life term of Gulling is the just punishment.