Wednesday 19 February 2014

Gulls eh?

Gulls, who would have 'em? Not me it would appear. In addition to dipping the Ross's Gull at the weekend, I also managed to dip Med Gull on Wanstead Flats on Monday morning. The Ross's Gull never reappeared, but on Tuesday (when of course I didn't look!) there were two Med Gulls on the Flats. This morning? You got it.

At Anza, which is a stinking cesspit of fish guts and other choice floating things, even I couldn't fail to see Gulls. If anything there were too many of them, probably 95% Lesser Black-backed, the rest being Yellow-legged. And all of them horrible. Still, with no other real ideas, and wanting to ensure that Mick enjoyed at least some of the trip (Bald Ibis are ugly, Stonechats are boring, Serins suck, Little Owls whatever....) we stuck it out for the morning. Maybe I should have joined Richard in the car with a towel over his head?

Oh, as an aside, I find myself unable to recommend Camel. Gave me the right hump.... At our second night south of Guelmin I asked what was for dinner and was told "Tagine Dromadaire". Clearly I know what a Dromedary is, but I was hoping that this was just something along local naming lines. You know, like Welsh Rarebit, or Fisherman's Pie, neither of which contain under-cooked Welsh people or Fishermen. Unfortunately Tagine Dromadaire is exactly what it says on the tin, and it's bloody horrible. I'd chuck it at a Gull, but I wouldn't eat it again. Horrible fatty lumps, rough as you like. I forced it down, but FFS. In Morocco what I really recommend are the oranges. You basically know what you're getting with an orange, and you know you didn't just pass a bloke offering tourists rides on it.

Anyway, have a few Gulls. It doesn't happen often so be thankful. It was a fun couple of hours, but I don't think I'll be rushing back to Anza any time soon. The desert on the other hand, now there's a place I could spend a little more time.

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