Tuesday 3 December 2013


The internet is a funny old place as we all know. A couple of days ago I replaced my dead surround sound system, and seeing as there was nothing wrong with the speakers, only the actual electronic bit, I decided to try and recoup a bit of cash by flogging them. I'm not a big Ebay user, but what the hell, stick them on and see what happens. There were five of them, so on they go at 99p a throw - up for a week, any return at all is a result as the only other thing I would do with them is keep them in a cupboard for a decade before throwing them out.

So I dutifully photographed them, weighed them for a postage estimate, worked out what they were called and started the auctions off. I was very careful to specify UK only, as I can't be bothered with resolving any kind of foreign dispute with the kind of chancer you often get on Ebay. With ten minutes I had a question asking me what the shipping to Portugal was. I replied back answering "a million pounds", with the number in digits beside it so they got the idea. No bids from that person yet. A few minute later, with all five speakers still on 99p, I get another query. "How much for all five? I'll offer £150". Why ask, I ask, if you're going to offer? No reply from that person either. Since then, the queries have been coming in thick and fast. How much for two? How much for three? How much for all five, along with various low-ball offers. Having received a few queries and pseudo offers, I decided to look up how much these things normally went for - a lot more than £30 each it transpires. Cheeky so and so.

I've given up answering the questions, everybody just wants something for nothing. And anyway, the fundamental point is that is an auction. You offer what you're prepared to pay, and if somebody is prepared to pay more than you are then you don't get them. How difficult can it be? I didn't use the "Buy-it-now" option, so what are these people hoping to achieve exactly? I've come to the conclusion that there are no honest people left in the world. This perhaps sounds harsh on the basis of trying to flog five small speakers for the last four days, but honestly. Would these same people go into a shop and try the same thing? Hello mate! Those five speakers that you've got in the window for £350, can I have them for £150? Why yes, you certainly can! Do you need a shirt as well, as for only £200 extra I can give you the one off my back!!

This will be the last time I use Ebay, next time I am going to give the whole lot to Barnardos.


  1. "I've come to the conclusion that there are no honest people left in the world"

    remind me what industry you work in?

  2. Ah yes, the lovely world of Finance. I love how people constantly remind me of this, as if it's some kind of crime and that anyone who works in a bank is by default an evil compassionless tosspot. I don't think I've ever met the kind of person the press go on about, though I assume they must exist.