Saturday 16 November 2013

Follow Your Arrow

Do what makes you happy, I may have lost sight of that of late. Today, rather than drive to Wales, I did what I had wanted to do last weekend, which was to have a wander down Southend Pier and play around with Med Gulls. To be clear, I could have driven to Wales - I have a car and a map, and I've been there before - but for whatever reason today it didn't feel right, so I didn't. Southend felt right, even for an purely internet-based birder such as myself.

I don't have a great deal to say really, but the aim was to practice flight photography, which I know I'm not very good at. The more you practice at something the better you get at it, so that's why I went. Doesn't always hold true of course, but like I say, do what makes you happy :-) There were about fifteen or so Meds at the end of the pier, but sadly they weren't overly cooperative. This is because Shaun had filled them so full of bread that mostly they couldn't move. And when they did try and fly, Barry chucked yet more at them!

Still, an excellent session, and forgive me in advance for posting far too many photos of Gulls. It is not usually in my nature, and Gulls are a menace. As far as Gulls go, Meds are amongst the best. Perhaps not as good looking as Audouin's, but not too bad at all, and I needed some better images - there is always room for improvement I find. Anyway, prepare for extreme boredom.



A few Common Gulls and Black-headed Gulls as well - I ended up tracking them in even though it was the Meds I was after. Hey-ho, all good practice for the day I need it for a real bird.


  1. Don't apologise - a superb series of shots, looks like the light was good as well.

    Laurie -

  2. That's the best blog you've ever done .. So much more enjoyable than a warbler in Wales .
    Gulls are fantastic ..
    Best of all, no one hardly turns up for gulls so its peaceful ..
    Secretly you are a gull lover !!

  3. What a stunning series, everyone's a gem, lovely lighting and detail