Sunday 3 November 2013

Back on home turf

Very sadly I'm back home. Well, a bit sadly. If I travelled all the time it would get boring, so it is good to be back. Chateau L is intact, the storms failed to make a dent, and the various guard crocs, deadly crossbow traps etc were similarly untouched. I Always feel mildly nervous about blogging from abroad, but what's the worst that can happen? I've got most of my camera stuff with me, and if somebody has a go and doesn't succumb to the wild beasts, then I guess I get a pile of shiny new stuff via the insurance. Hassle factor I suppose, but that's about it. Anyway, I'm rarely away so it's a moot point.

Unpacking is largely complete, and the final images are downloading on to the computer. My laptop has colours that I largely don't trust, so I'm going to go and have a look in a sec to see if what I uploaded from abroad looks any good on a real screen. I did check on my phone, which stupidly enough has a better screen with better colour rendition that the laptop, and they looked OK there, in so much as you can check anything with any certainty on a 4 inch screen.

Whilst I am genuinely pleased to be back (it is after all still Sunday), the first thing to note is that I am cold. I left St Lucia very warm, and now am cold, and Chateau L seems like a tomb. The second thing to note is the singular lack of Hummingbirds of any description. I've been scanning the garden over cups of tea, and there has been no activity whatsoever, which as you can imagine is highly disappointing. And thirdly, it appears to have been a quiet week bird-wise.......oh dear.

Actually, whatever. The risk of going away and missing rare birds is not something that concerns me greatly. I am not a big filthy twitcher, or at least, not so filthy as to be in Shetland one day, Cornwall the next, and the Hebrides the day after. Which is basically what would have been required, and I reconcile myself to not having seen all these biggies by realising that even if I had been here, I would not have gone for any of them. For starters I would have been at work, and work and twitching like a nutter are largely incompatible. And not forgetting, of course, that my view every day for a week was this....

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