Friday 20 September 2013

Record Beaker

Friday never happened. Well, not in the blogging prior to Friday sense. So this is the here and now. Resisting for a moment writing about the office, here are some photos of a duck, a record-breaking duck. A duck that frankly is just a little bit too friendly. I didn't have any bread with me, but even just pretending to throw bread caused this vagrant wanderer to make a bee-line for me from the other side of Heronry. Not looking too clever really is it, but then again what did we realistically expect? That it got blown over from Asia in the massive storms we haven't had? That it moved from the near continent due to the huge and all-pervasive freeze occurring there? No. It's come from a lake in London somewhere hasn't it? The good news is we will never know! It can't talk, it can't tell us, we're not in central London so happy days. So do I feel guilty about slapping it on the list? Of course not, tick and be merry. Roll on the weekend, hopefully Shrikes are on the menu.


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