Monday 16 September 2013

Monday (Saturday) and a Cunning Plan

I have just had an exceptionally cunning plan that involves blogging. Many of you may have noticed that this blog often goes silent for periods of roughly five days. I've noticed it too. Do you want to hear about Regulatory Capital Management and the Prudential Regulation Authority. Of course you don't, nobody does. Yet if I were to blog on a Monday, that is what it would be about because on a Monday, that is what I am about. And if I were to blog on a Tuesday, you might find out what nine solid hours of meetings does to a person. Wednesday could bring angst, depression, tales of woe and mandatory compliance courses (You overhear a colleague talking in a lift about a stock that is about to make a big announcement, do you A) buy as much of it as you can and go to Vegas, do you B) raise the matter to your local Compliance Officer immediately, or C) Elephant). If, after that, I actually made it to Thursday, you might get to read about User Acceptance Testing, system failures, and job delays, and Friday would be about a mild hangover and a shed load more meetings. Interested? I thought not.

So here is the cunning plan. Over the weekend, which is when I ditch the mantle of banker and become an exciting and dynamic birder, I will write five blog posts about different things that I have been storing up, possibly even about birds, and I will schedule them using that button over on the right hand side such that one gets published on Monday, one on Tuesday, and so on. Da-dah! Brilliant, and so very simple. There is one eensy teensy flaw in my plan though, which perhaps you have already spotted. If supposedly I have all these things stored up, why have I been publishing complete drivel for so long?

Ah. Well you see when I get home, exhausted, all the ideas that I had when I was 'fresh' on the tube in the morning have all disappeared. When I'm wide awake I see lots of things, and think lots of thoughts. One chance encounter spawns whole trains of thought, and I have great clarity about what I am going to say. And then a day at the office destroys me, and all these good, clever, witty, ranty, whatevery things I was going to commit to metaphorical paper all go completely out of the window. I come home and have two choices. Bash out any old crap, or go to bed. Too often I choose the former, and too infrequently do I get to sleep at a reasonable hour.

So, this is Monday's post. I can't tell you what I did today, as when I wrote this today hadn't happened yet. See? Genius. What, you want another Shrike photo? Oh go on then.

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  1. No need to blog about Thursday, I'm about to have the exact same one. Would much rather it was just shrikes all week long.