Sunday 27 May 2012

White-winged Black Terns, Stodmarsh

Catchy title eh? Guess where I went today? Stodmarsh! After an early start in the garden, the highlight of which was a photogenic Broad-bodied Chaser, the next stop was Barking Bay with Nick, where the Bonaparte's Gull failed to show up. A slight ID conundrum with Curlew Sand and Knot, but I got there in the end..... Three hours of no Gull and enticing news of a Greenish Warbler not too far away across the river in Kent made it an easy decision to quit the bay.

Meeting up with Prof W at Northward Hill, we spent a fruitless few hours dipping it in glorious weather. On the point of giving up, David Campbell and a mate turned up and it then sang almost immediately. Go figure. It sang several times, and very loudly, but I never saw it. One day I'll get a good view. After another hour of silence, off we went to Stodmarsh to look for the Terns. Lovely. Also two Wood Sands, a Greenshank, a Little Stint, and a Turtle Dove. Great to be out in the sunshine, even though I am now an odd pink colour.

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