Tuesday 22 May 2012

Of Course I did!

The most magnificent bird. Bloody miles away but utterly superb. It could not have arrived at a worse time. News on Sunday evening after dark, after a few days away, not having seen the family, and a pile of stuff at work. With a heavy heart I declined the offered lift on Monday. Of course, not being a twitcher I didn't really care that much at all. But when it was there this morning again, I found I cared enough to wangle a half day off today and go and see it. The old guard talk about the legendary Scilly bird, I had never imagined I'd get the chance.

Well I did, and I have. The key question is of course how many photos of a Cream-coloured Courser is too many photos of a Cream-coloured Courser? I'm thinking about eight. Bulgaria will resume shortly. Excuse me whilst I go off and punch the air with delight.


  1. Beauty! It also has a good name.

  2. What a stunner - a most delightful and charismatic bird. Even my poor pics show a beauty!
    Fab photos Jono - we only had a half day Tuesday
    but so glad we saw this lifer for me and UK lifer for Bob.

    Might I nick a photo duely acknowledged as ever for the blog please?