Saturday 2 April 2011

Really sorry...

...but look!

Someone commented at the pub last night that I might have a Wheatear fetish. I think that I might, but I think it's a good thing. Rarities are one thing, but utterly splendid common birds that you can get really really good views of, and see lots and lots of on a regular basis, that's what it's all about. There is a post about this very topic by Nick Moran on The Crow Council, go and read it. Now please. Then come back here.


So, did you enjoy it? Some good points, and whilst I know I do bang on about Wheatears quite a lot, if you stop and look at them, soon you'll feel as I do. This is known as brainwashing. We've now had a minimum of six birds across four consecutive days; the wait was worth it.

It hasn't all been about Wheatears mind, though if you only read this blog you might be forgiven for thinking that. Another superb migrant graced us today - a male Common Redstart. Like Firecrest, a bird that simply cannot be ignored. I was lucky enough to have one pop up in front of me today as a handful of us wandered round the outskirts of Long Wood looking for two Ring Ouzels that had just flown that way. Did I mention those? No? Common as muck see, not worth mentioning.

I know what you're thinking. What a bunch of stringers Wanstead Flats rocks. Yes it does, and never more so than during migration. Which is why I'll be out there again tomorrow morning having another go. And if I only see Wheatears, Common Redstarts and Ring Ouzels, well, I can tell you right now that I will be perfectly happy.


  1. Rocks shouldn't have a capital 'R' in Wanstead Flat Rocks

    The Anonymous Spellchecker and Grammar Corrector.

  2. They are really lovely. I can see why you like them so. They've even got a euphonious name.

    Although you didn't need an April Fool's post--your March 30th one did a good job of making me think you were over Wheatears and were moving on to Ring Ouzels and more exotic fare.