Thursday 21 April 2011

Lazy Birdless Days

I've barely lifted binoculars to my eyes these past few days, can you believe it? The best bird I've seen (and bearing in mind I've barely left the garden) has been a Swallow. Or maybe a Kestrel (which is good for the garden). This is the price of being ridiculously relaxed, and it still being the Easter holidays. The weather has been glorious, so glorious that all the good birds have continued to the Arctic Circle without stopping in Wanstead, so by schlepping around in the garden I've not really missed much. Of course I've been hoping for a flyover Honey Buzzard, but without kidnapping Mark P and installing him in a matola on the roof to attract migrating raptors, my chances are extremely slim.

In the absence of birds, the kids and I have been bumming about. The paddling pool is out - no waders yet, though there is now so much muck in it that it looks pretty a good bet - and we've been doing a serious amount of playing in the garden. A couple of short trips, a couple of parties, nothing ambitious whatsoever, and we're all extremely happy. Me particularly, as we now have beer...

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