Friday 22 May 2009

New species of human discovered

I spend an unhealthy amount of time in Tesco in my new role as a domestic god. Today I found this.

Frankly the mind boggles. If you too are having trouble comprehending the image, then yes, this is pre-cooked frozen rice for people who are so unbelievably stupid that they don't know how to cook rice. I mean quite how dumb do you have to be to find cooking rice that little bit too complex? You will note that this is a "New!" product - hats off to the marketing people who recognised that there is a grade of consumer so half-witted that this product is actually needed. Personally I wouldn't have thought that rice featured heavily in the diets of the target market, but there you go, you learn something every day. Or maybe, just maybe, it is a cunning and slightly third-reichish ploy, and anyone caught at the checkout with a bag of this will be quietly taken aside and never seen again.

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