Saturday 16 May 2009

Norfolk disappoints. Again.

Well, apart from the Collared Pratincole of course, but this aside, for the umpteenth time Norfolk failed to live up to expectations. Now Collared Pratincole is an excellent bird, the first I have seen in fact (may there be many more), and I had excellent views, but by 8am I was all done with twitching and wanted to do some proper birding. I had come up largely based on the forecast, and although the winds had shifted, by rights there should have been gazillions of eastern vagrants still around, dripping from every bush. In the event there were none. I have almost lost count of the number of times I have come up to Norfolk based on incredibly promising weather forecasts, only to come away without scoring heavily, or indeed at all. Today was no different. I bashed Gun Hill and Burham Overy Dunes for four hours and turned up precisely nothing. Or at least nothing abnormal with lots of blue on it. It was the same story all along the coast, seems everything cleared out just before the weekend, leaving people to twitch the Pratincole, Hoopoe and Grey-headed Wags, and then wonder what to do with themselves. Presumably they didn't bother going birding, as I only saw one other guy at Burham Overy the whole time I was there. He had also seen dick all despite putting in the hard yards, so perhaps the army of twitchers who ticked the Pratincole early doors and then went home to light barbeques and watch the football are entirely vindicated.
Two non-bird related highlights to report:
1) Seen from the car window as I was stopped at the lights, the photograph of a doner on the window of a Kebab shop in Brandon that looked uncannily like a Pitta that a dog had done a 5-part crap in, and then garnished with lettuce. If you find yourself hungry and in Brandon, don't go in.
2) Eating Sausage and Bean Casserole for dinner once back home, and Henry saying "Don't knights fight with Casseroles?" "Do you mean catapults Henry?" "Oh yeah, catapults, that's what I meant", conjuring up a great image of a medieval battle involving piping-hot dishes being lobbed at each other by the opposing sides.

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