Sunday 2 July 2023

Yucatan - Trip List

Here is a day by day trip list from the Yucatan Peninsulaa. Generally we only birded one major site on any given day, for instance the Camino Vigia Chico was on Day 1, however we also got down to Chetamul, so there are a couple of coastal birds on that day that look a little out of place. Calakmul, on Day 2, was truly just Calakmul, albeit that the entrance track is 60km long. Hormiguero and Kohulich, on Day 3, also includes the main east-west road that crosses the peninsula - we made many small and productive stops. On Day 4 it should be obvious which birds were at Bacalar and which from the Camino Vigia Chico, and on Day 5 with the exception of a few waders everything was at Muyil, both within the ruins but also in the village on the other side of the road. 

Yucatan, February 26th - March 2nd 2023


  1. How do you find good birding places abroad without going with a guide? We usually end up booking trips but it's getting pricey - any tips?

    1. I do a pile of research in eBird which shows species density by month(s) at known birding sites called hotspots, and compare these against my targets as eBird also knows my life list. I examine satellite imagery for water, tracks, parking etc, and then save very precise spots on Google maps. And I also read trip reports, though less so these days. I reckon I sometimes spend as much time planning as I do birding. Love it!

    2. Thank you. I have done some work with eBird but obviously need to pay more attention to it, and the Google satellite map is an excellent idea