Friday 21 July 2023

Black-winged Kite!

I'm in Scotland for a few days, working remotely. It means I have my laptop which still has an ancient and working copy of Photoshop on it, and so I have been having a bit of fun processing some photos from a recent trip to South Africa. Just like the random Parakeet the other day, a propos of nothing at all, ahem, are a couple of a Black-winged Kite I took out of the car window in Kruger National Park last Monday. I cannot imagine what made me look at these particular RAW files first, no idea at all, but I posted one on Twitter where it proved insanely popular and seemed to do much better than the Parakeet.

Anyhow it appears a lot of people mistakenly think I'm in Norfolk or Suffolk having put two and two together and come up with four when the answer is actually a naughty three. Did I say it was the East Anglia bird? Nope. I hinted that it might not be, and even sandwiched it between an Elephant and a Sunbird, but that hasn't stopped the masses and it is spreading far and wide. Oh dear. Hopefully a load of people have nicked it for their scrapbooks or social media, a reminder of that time when it posed beautifully right in front of them in a dead Acacia at Horsey. 

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