Monday 16 December 2019

Missing You

I've been gradually littering my Twitter feed with pictures of lovely birds on sandy beaches. This blog got a little bit of the same treatment the other day, with a post dedicated to more photos of Plovers than there were words on the page. As we drift towards the Christmas break this may end up being regular padding. I am basically exhausted, drained. Work, polictics, a cold that will just not go away, so I hope you will forgive a few pictures that shout 'warmth' here and there. Florida was brilliant, the perfect mixture of proper birding and serious photography, and all under sunny skies. I suggested to Mrs L that we might move there - lovely birds, tropical plants in profusion, great weather. She said no. Something about Americans. Given recent events I think a bit of navel-gazing might be in order. Anyway here is a Tricoloured Heron. Spelled properly. I am missing it, but at least it is not missing U.


  1. Agree with you about the effects of work, politics and the endless rain...roll on the Christmas break!

    1. the key is to always have something on the near horizon to look forward to