Friday 19 July 2019

On the Beach

This photograph was taken shortly after sunrise on a June Saturday morning at Nickerson Beach, Long Island, New York State. On Friday evening I had been at a desk in Canary Wharf, London, which is where I was also to be found on the subsequent Monday morning. I know which I prefer. This time there was no missing/drunk AirBnB host, no gigantic trip-ending thunderstorm, just me and lots and lots of fabulous birds. It is also the last time I picked up a camera, which in part explains my lack of output (but only in part, see here). In short it was a wonderful two days that I thoroughly enjoyed, and that I would like to repeat when time allows. Needless to say it is an American Oystercatcher with a young chick. The chick waits, hidden in the sand, whilst the adult hunts on the shoreline. When a morsel is found the parent makes a short call which has the youngster up and scurrying down the smooth wet sand. There they meet and the meal is passed over, after which the chick heads inland again and the adult runs back down to the surf. I could watch it all day.

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